About Me



Hi and thanks for stopping by!  I'm Cassie and if you are here you must want to know a bit about me…..


Having owned a primitive shop with my sister called "When Pigs Fly" was just a dream come true.  Searching all over the country for unique prim pieces for the shop really gave me an appreciation for quality and originality that can only be found in an artist's handmade, OOAK designs….and that is what you will find here at The Old Glory Company!


So...I can tell you that I was born & raised in South Florida and now live in Central Florida.  I have a wonderful family that includes a supportive husband, children, grandchildren, a super nephew and my Mom and my sister & family are close by.  Old & worn is my favorite style and I always wonder what stories those pieces could tell.  Primitives seem to have a way of touching everyone's heart, taking us back to a time when "keeping it simple" was a way of life.


I am so glad that you found your way here….stop by often and see what's new!  Don't be a stranger…and, as always, I thank you from the bottom of my heart….