These pictures were sent in by Friends of The Old Glory Company!  This will give you an idea of how the same pattern can be put together's all in the details.  We all know that's one of the great things about working with primitives...nothing is perfect and almost anything can be fixed with a bit of black paint and cinnamon!

Thanks so much to all of you that have shared your work here..please feel free to send in a picture of what YOU are doing now!!


This grungy Fall Witch's Gathering was done by April...the pumpkin is huge!  Great job on the broom and spooky Spell Book. 


Here's the Grungy Witch's Cauldron Lamp, also done by April...what a great centerpiece!  Love the Fall colors and this works all season.


Look at this "'Twas The Night Before Christmas" book!  I am all about the sparkle and love the addition of the glittery star.  This book was finished by Charlene. 


These Gingerbread Boy ornies/tucks look so can bet they smell great!  Another wonderful project finished by Charlene. 


This Witch's Cauldron is actually a door hanger and is one of the original Old Glory Company patterns.  Heather did a great job on cute are those crows??


Whenever I see an American flag, I am so very proud of the USA.  Heather also finished this Americana hanger... great job...we salute you!


Vintage Americana is one of my faves...this patriotic little girl is so sweet!  Once again, Heather shows us how it's done...wonderfully!


We must always remember the true meaning of Christmas and Norma did an incredible job of reminding us!  Such perfect detail.


Vivian has done a great job with this Witch's Hat hanger...a bit fuzzy around the edges, but take a look at the kitty's eyes...too cute!


Another original Old Glory Company pattern!  Karen often has to improvise the pattern details, just because some fixins aren't available to her in the U.K.  As we always say, "it's all in the details...that makes every finished project your own."


No matter how many times this prim star is done, it remains one of my favorites...and Karen has done a brilliant job with this one.  Santa is peeking at us all the way from the U.K.!! 


Melanie really did an great job on the grungy Gingerbread House...even altering the pattern to make it a bit smaller.  This is one of those Holiday pieces you will share with your family and use year after year!


How much do you love this Batty Witch??  From her wire hair, to her black lips to her B-O-O necklace...she is amazing!  Carol spent lots of time working on her to get her just right...and it was well woth it!  Job well done, Carol!


So...who's next?  Please share your work with all of the Friend of The Old Glory's fun and always a great inspiration!!